No matter what industry you're working in, mobile applications are an essential key to increase your reach to the customers. The applications are used to: 

- Build loyalty
- Reinforce brand
- Increase visibility
- Increase accessibility
- Connect you with your customers!


In addition Rich Communication apps offer you as an Operator an unique opportunity to create value added services, which are currently fully dominated by OTT service providers. Also the subscriber ownership and information management used to be in Operator hands, while currently it’s flowing to OTT’s. With RCS Operators can:

  • - Provide attractive and addictive Rich Communication services
  • - Increase the data subscription sales and value
  • - Enhance the calling experience to increase call minutes
  • - Improve LTE attractiveness with enhanced service offering

Wi-Fi Calling for MNOs

Retain your Voice and SMS ARPU.

  • Automatically establishes user calls and SMSs over Wi-Fi 

  • Extends MNO network coverage in-doors 

  • MNO can offer local rates to roaming users

  • Better voice quality, faster call setup, native dialler integration (read more...)


RCS for MNOs

Increase your data subscription ARPU.

  • Interoperable rich messaging with Universal Profile support

  • Better call experience with Enriched calling features

  • Share any kind of media files such as videos, docs and pictures (read more...)

Why downloadable?

Roll-out your service faster.

  • Speed - Application stores allow rapid service launch and updates
  • Ease of deployment - Adds Wi-Fi calling capabilities to a device at any time with just a download from application stores.
  • Reach - Downloadable model allows extended reach to new devices and new customers
  • Enabler - Facilitates launch of new devices with built in embedded OEM solutions by enabling the service on all current handsets.


Why Neusoft?

We enable better ARPU with IP based apps in your network.

  • We know device capabilities - Specialist in device specific IP services since 1998
  • We know network capabilities - Specialist in MNO specific IP services since 2008
  • We deliver applications - Turn-key application delivery to Google Play and App Store.
  • We deliver full customization - Start innovating Your IP services with us now!
Neusoft deployments come with a Satisfaction Guarantee. We support you and your customers from day one during the deployment process and throughout the entire life-cycle of the service.