Silta Voice over Wi-Fi


What is Wi-Fi Calling?

With the established and growing Wi-Fi access coverage mobile voice services can be expanded from cellular to Wi-Fi. With Wi-Fi voice MNOs can offer alternative voice services to consumers and thus fight-back OTTs popularity, solve indoor coverage issues, offer attractive roaming tariffs and even off-load the cellular network.

The Silta VoWiFi solution offers client apps as well as supporting services such as application auto-configuration services that are needed to launch Wi-Fi calling apps. Silta Wi-Fi calling works with both IMS and non-IMs based networks. The solution is optimized in terms of integration and initial investment to reduce the service launch risk, time-to-market and technical complexity.

Even if Wi-Fi could be considered as the most desired access technology, Silta is access-network agnostic and works over any data connection such as LTE as a VoIP service.

Why Silta VoIP?

The Silta solution provides capability for the following features with full configurability depending on the deployment network capabilities:

  • VoWiFi clients for Android and iOS phones and tablets as well as desktop platforms (Windows and Mac)
  • Integration to native call UI and native call logs
  • Seamless user experience combining Wi-Fi calls, CS calls, VoLTE calls and 3G/4G VoIP calls
  • Supplementary services such as call hold, call waiting and busy, DTMF tones, caller ID and blacklists
  • Multiple call handling with call swap and conference calls
  • Silta is secure, with data and transport layer security and encryption
  • Silta is multi-device, with support for parallel and sequential ringing
  • Silta is fully based on GSMA, OMA and 3GPP standards and future proof for RCS
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