The Neusoft Silta RCS SDK offers RCS stacks, toolkits and APIs for rapidly developing RCS based apps on any platform.

The Silta SDK is used in Neusofts Silta commercial RCS clients on different platforms and it contains the results from the years of IOT work that the Neusoft RCS IOT program has conducted with GSMA, operators, network vendors and client vendors world-wide to make RCS work.

By using the Silta SDK, the development of any kind of RCS based client can be made much more rapid without having to know all details of the RCS specifications or having to invest in interoperability programs with different RCS back-ends. The SDK is maintained for all upcoming RCS versions, so you can fully concentrate your development efforts on the user interface and the user experience in your RCS solutions.

As a truly multiplatform solution, the Silta RCS SDK is currently in use on Android, iOS, MacOS and MS Windows and is also available on other platforms such as  Linux, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Jolla and others. 

The Silta SDK engine is GSMA accredited and IOT tested with all major RCS Application Servers and network vendor IMS systems. As the Silta SDK RCS engine is already accredited in several live operator networks, your own RCS based solution can also get accreditation easily if you base it on the Silta SDK.





Built-in database.

Stores all user data including settings, configuration, conversations and messages within them, communication logs, Address book and contact capabilities. Supports transactions, versioning, backing-up and restoring, etc.

Call Engine.

Provides logic to support VoIP and Video call lifecycles. Records call information to logging system. Provide needed data to Call UI though API.

Log Engine 

Collects and stores information about different RCS communications and provides API for a Log features.

Media compression.

Provides tools for image and media compression e.g. for file transfer

Registration Engine

Follows-up network connections and performs RCS registration when possible according to RCS procedures and provided configuration. Refreshes registration when needed.

Capability Engine

Pulls and stores capabilities for RCS contacts; responds to capabilities requests.

Chat Engine

Provides chat logic to support one to one and group chat communications, updating message store and logging system, supports delivery and display notifications,´and is typing indications. Also includes the needed logic for handling file transfers. Provides powerful APIs for any Chat View UI implementation.

Network Adress Book Sync 

Synchronizes address book database with network stored Address Book.

File Transfer Engine

Supports full file transfer life cycle for both MSRP & HTTP file transfer methods.

Central Message Store Engine

Synchronizes messages history with central message store.

Settings Engine

Provides instant access for all RCS settings and keep them in database.

Configuration Engine

Provides full configuration logic according to RCS standards including initial provisioning, refreshing etc. with different configuration methods (configuration from local file, HTTPS configuration, SMS based authorization etc).

Presence Engine

Provides implementation for social relationship management, own presence management and processes buddies presence updates etc.