Neusoft Mobile App's

Neusoft's mobile products enable Your service on mobile devices and thus increases Your visibility, accessibility and usage of the existing and new services.


VILKE Mobile 

VILKE Mobile is a mobile application framework for easily creating Your mobile apps.

VILKE Mobile moves application content and logic from the device to the Web. Instead of maintaining software for multiple mobile platforms, the content is managed in one place. The VILKE apps contain stunning-looking native UI controls and offer a better navigation and user experience than mobile web pages. 


VILKE Messages

VILKE Messages is a Push Notification based messaging framework that allows You to reach your mobile app users instantly.

- Send personalized mobile advertisements
- Perform ratings, surveys and polls
- Send calendar event invitations to the users


VILKE shows the feedback and statistics from your VILKE Messages and makes it easy to create new targeted VILKE Message campaigns to certain user groups.

Neusoft VILKE is also used to bring Push Notification capability to the Neusoft Silta RCS apps.


VILKE is available for Android, Apple iOS and Windows Phone platforms, and offers excellent graphical communication method to reach customers. With VILKE it is possible to enhance the user initiated application usage with inter-active feedback, invitation and information queries. 

Silta Web apps

Neusoft also offer Silta RCS Web clients, with support for RCS Network APIs and WebRTC real time media. Our Web apps are customized based on Your requirements. Contact us for more info.


Please, do not hesitate to contact us for further details and information.