Silta RCS as end-to-end solution


The full service experience is important for the successful service launch. Neusoft solution includes the full service experience with client and the RCS server as end-to-end solution.


Neusoft in-house development is focused on the end-user experience and thus has extensive capability for RCS clients. For securing the same level of user-experience from the network side, Neusoft has a strong partner alignment and OEM for RCS Server solution.

This combination creates the most powerful service offering and a seamless integration as an end-to-end solution. It also secures the RCS Application Server development and implementation to be aligned with the latest end-user device capabilities, thus optimizing the functionality and time-to-market.

You can even immediately start to test this service and download the clients from Application Stores. Please, read more details here.


The solution can be deployed as a hosted solution or with an on-site delivery, as preferred by the Operator. IMS is not a pre-requisite for a full RCS experience and the solution can be deployed without IMS. Still the evolution to the IMS based network and integration is secured with the standard interfaces when the operator decides to deploy IMS.


Automatic First-time and Continuous Provisioning

When user installs Silta client, turn on their device for the first time with a pre-provisioned client or changes the SIM card, automatic provisioning is triggered. This is completely invisible process to the user who does not have to realize that provisioning is even being done.

After the client is configured, it will poll the configuration server at defined intervals to see if the configuration has changed. This is used not only to update the client parameters but also to install new credentials for increasing security.


Download the Solution Description here.