May 29, 2018

Neusoft Silta became Unikie Voice & Messaging


Finnish company Unikie Oy has bought Neusoft’s business in Finland including Neusoft’s Silta product business. Unikie will expand sales of Silta products globally in the Telco space with existing and new partners. As part of the acquisition the Neusoft Silta product family is rebranded as Unikie Voice & Messaging products specifically aimed at helping operators launch successful VoWiFi & VoLTE voice services and RCS based messaging services. 

– The Unikie Voice & Messaging product technology is very exciting and well aligned with our international growth targets. It is a great asset in our technology portfolio. New telecommunication customers and this segment will be vital parts of our international plans in future, says Esko Mertsalmi, the CEO of Unikie.

Increased demand for Unikie’s Voice and Messaging solutions

After the acquisition of Neusoft Silta products, Unikie has expanded customer engagements globally for Voice & Messaging products, especially in the North and South American markets and in the Middle East where IP-based voice and communication solutions bring, amongst other things, the desired cost savings.

– Both South and Central America look very positive for Unikie’s new Voice solutions due to the amount of people using phone models without native VoLTE or VoWiFi support and operators looking for cost saving with IP based voice and messaging solutions supported across all devices. In Northern America there are also great new opportunities e.g. via Virtual Network Mobile Operators, where Unikie’s solution could bring added value and open new revenue streams at the same time, says Jussi Mantynen from Unikie Inc.

Unikie’s American operations started actively in March when the US office was set up in Palo Alto and Jussi Mantynen started Unikie’s invasion into America. Now the functions on the mainland support the deliveries of Unikie Voice in Latin America and of Unikie Messaging in North America.

Unikie Voice helps operators launch VoWiFi and VoLTE services

Unikie Voice products include standards compliant VoWiFi, VoLTE and VoIP apps for iOS, Android and desktop platforms. The mobile Voice apps allow any device to make calls over Wi-Fi or LTE by integrating with the device native dialer and monitoring network statuses during calls. The apps are compliant with IR.92 and also offers Video call features according to IR.94.

Markus Jakobsson, Product Manager of Unikie Voice & Messaging believes apps play a crucial role in operator IP based services:

– Many operators struggle with launching VoWiFi as the built-in device support is only available on a few flagship models and they still have to invest a lot of time and money in testing with each OEMs. In VoLTE services operators need to pay for legacy voice networks use for years to come as there are plenty of LTE handsets where VoLTE is not built-in. Unikie’s Voice solutions help in solving both of these problems by letting operators launch IP based Voice services for any devices, over any network at a fraction of the cost and time. The products are designed to complement native device roll-outs, but allow operators to launch faster and reach a much bigger audience from start.

Unikie Messaging app has been awarded full accreditation to RCS Universal Profile

Unikie Messaging apps offer the latest OTT style messaging built on operator standards. The apps support telco messaging protocols such as SMS, MMS and RCS and a crucial design goal of Unikie Messaging products is to be standards compliant and interoperable with OEM solutions. As evidence here of the GSMA Future Networks IOT team has awarded Full Accreditation status for Unikie Messaging Android apps.

The formal statement of GSMA Accreditation indicates that Unikie Messaging apps are compliant with the RCS Universal Profile specification and interoperable with other devices, apps or operator services also awarded Accreditation. As businesses move from SMS to utilizing RCS in their services, Unikie is able to offer operators the solutions they need to create new RCS based revenue streams.

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