Sep 30, 2015

Silta SDK released

The Silta SDK offers RCS APIs on every major OS

We believe in RCS as a powerful service enabler in operator networks. The Silta SDK enables 3rd party application developers to create apps and services for your RCS network without in-depth RCS expertise. The Silta SDK is also ideal for device manufacturers who need to comply with RCS standards in their devices.

In a nutshell, the Silta SDK is a multiplatform RCS client without a user interface. It can be run by anything from command line user interfaces to professionally designed clients. The Silta SDK offers high level Client APIs and also RCS APIs that follow the GSMA Device APIs (v.1.5.1) concepts on all platforms. The Silta SDK is based on high-performance native code and native optimizations which offer clear advantages compared to for example Java based RCS stacks.

The Silta SDK is the product of years of IOT testing with operators and backend vendors with different RCS network configurations. As a result, the Silta SDK supports multiple network configurations and can be configured in one step to use a specific RCS configuration such as RCS-e, RCS v5.1, 5.3 or joyn Crane. In 2015Q1 full GSMA accreditation of the iOS client using the Silta SDK was done in the Spanish and French live RCS networks. All the IOT efforts of Neusoft in RCS are now squeezed into one concise SDK with developer friendly APIs, continuously being updated to match latest RCS specifications.

Silta SDK benefits:

  • Offers high level RCS Client APIs and GSMA RCS Device APIs on any platform
  • GSMA accredited and interoperability tested with major backend vendors
  • Optimized for high performance and low battery consumption in handsets
  • Customizable codecs and RCS extensions
  • Includes demo clients with complete source codes for several platforms

Download the Silta SDK Data shee here.

The Silta SDK is being presented at the 8th annual Rich Communication summit in Berlin 3-4.11.2015. Book a meeting now through